More Than Human

MTH Heroes vs Villains - FB Banner 851x315An original action/drama series about 5 teenagers who gain special abilities after drinking a mysterious serum.  

Series Created by: Carlos M. Tovar

Series Director: Carlos M. Tovar

Executive Producer: Carlos M. Tovar

Co-Producers: Stephen Wolfe, Courtney Sandifer

Associate Producers: Ray Khan, Joe Grisaffi, Tricia Mauro

Series Writer: Carlos M. Tovar

Starring: Alexandra Mauro, Xavier Price, Sadie Brook, Rowland Sauls, Scott Chase and Sara Gaston

Also Starring: Brittany Djie, Isaac Fenter, Eric Schneider, Joe Grisaffi, Michael Humphrey, Stacy Thomas, Larry Wade Carrell, Grace Powell, Seth Lee, Lauren Marie Galley, Abby Williard, Nick W. Nicholson, Kelly Byrns, Reed Koch, Amber Monroe and Ashley Mauro

Director of Photography: Jeffery Fountain

Post-Production Supervisor: John DeJesus